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Household Finance Index
The Household Finance Index (HFI) survey is compiled by Markit Economics and provides the earliest indication of actual changes in UK household finances each month.

The HFI is intended to accurately anticipate changing consumer behaviour. The survey methodology has been designed to complement Markit’s Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™) business surveys, which are closely watched due to their timeliness and accuracy in anticipating changing business conditions. Like the PMI surveys, the HFI tracks objective “hard data” on actual month-on-month changes, focusing on household income, spending, saving and debt, but also includes several forward-looking opinion questions to help anticipate future trends.

The survey is based on monthly responses from over 2,000 households. The panel is structured according to income, region and age to ensure the survey results accurately reflect the true composition of the UK population. Results are also weighted to further improve representativeness.

Key Data:
  • Change in household income
  • Household spending
  • Savings
  • Job security
  • Workplace activity levels
  • Household debt and borrowing
  • Credit needs, cost and availability (secured and unsecured)
  • Inflation perceptions and expectations
  • Price consciousness and decisions on major purchases
  • House prices
  • Confidence in the government
  • The above are analysed by income group, region, employment sector and other breakdowns
Key Benefits:
  • The earliest indication of actual changes in household finances
  • Wide variety of indicators based on “hard data” on what actually happened compared to one month ago
  • Forward-looking indicators of outlook for incomes, inflation, house prices, etc.
  • Detailed report includes analysis by Markit’s experienced economics team
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