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The monthly Report on Jobs has a proven track record of providing a reliable advance indicator of changes in UK labour market conditions, helping to identify trends in employment and employee earnings growth which are subsequently borne out by official data.

This report, produced monthly since 1997, is watched closely by the Bank of England, public and private sector economists, financial market analysts, the recruitment industry, human resource specialists and journalists.

The report is based on a monthly survey of recruitment consultants, tracking the demand for staff, wages and salaries and staff availability for both permanent and temporary employees. As such, the report provides unique data on a section of the labour market covered by no other surveys or official data on a high frequency basis.

Key Data:

  • number of staff placed in permanent positions
  • average weekly billings for temporary/contract staff
  • average salaries for permanent placements
  • average hourly pay rates for temporary/contract staffs
  • average temporary/contract margins
  • availability of candidates for permanent/temporary vacancies
  • demand for permanent & temporary staff by sector (Nursing/Medical/Care, Secretarial/Clerical, Accounting/Financial, Information Technology, Blue Collar, Hotel & Catering, Executive/Professional, Engineering & Construction)
The report is compiled by Markit on behalf of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and KPMG and published on the first Wednesday of each month.

Regional reports are also available for:

  • Scotland (in association with Bank of Scotland)
  • London
  • South
  • Midlands
  • North
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